Thumbs Up With Rick

Let’s all remember Rick how he lived his life – with “thumbs up”

Join us in celebrating the life of Rick Lindsey by taking a #thumbsupwithrick picture wearing the GR&L “working to make things better” bracelet.

Rick had strong opinions about the things he loved – God, his family, music from the ‘70s, non-fiction, good grammar and active tense, quotes that make you think or laugh or both and so much more. Each list probably varies depending how Rick was a part of your life. But on everyone’s list is that Rick loved being a CPA and working at Grier, Reeves & Lawley.

The GR&L mission statement is “working to make things better” and we wear bracelets to remind us of it. Rick was the most devoted in wearing his bracelet and giving them to others outside the firm. He was also the most likely to harass whoever didn’t wear theirs.

So let’s all remember Rick how he lived his life – with “thumbs up”.

Rick Lindsey joined GR&L in 1976. In his role as director, he was involved in virtually all facets of the firm’s practice areas, but he allocated most of his time in audits, reviews and tax consulting for closely-held businesses and physician practices. Rick concentrated on contractors, wholesale distributors, restaurants, healthcare providers and employee benefit plans. He also had a strong focus in business valuation of closely-held businesses and investment entities, and served occasionally as an expert witness. In addition, he was the firm’s director over client accounting services.

During his professional career, Rick spent three years in private industry as a chief financial officer. In that setting, he learned how it feels to sit on the other side of the desk and he continually brought this perspective to his client relationships.

While away from the office, Rick volunteered in a myriad of community and professional organizations. He and his wife, Pam, enjoyed their activities at Heritage Church and spending time with their family including three grown children and six grandchildren.

Rick Lindsey