Our Culture

Grier, Reeves & Lawley, P.C., is a public accounting firm that has proudly served individuals and businesses since 1962. The bedrock of GRL’s culture is our core values:  integrity, excellence, giving back, genuine relationships and continuous learning. These underlying principles drive the day-to-day culture of the firm, from the client interactions to internal collaboration and personal development. Frankly, they say who we are as a firm.

• Integrity

Fundamental to every interaction

• Excellence

Principal in every engagement

• Giving back

Central to true success

• Genuine relationships

Key to understanding our clients

• Continuous learning

Essential for purposeful growth

Our Team

Belinda edit sq
Belinda Baker, CPA


Renda edit
Renda Stuart, CPA


GRL-75_Debbie edit sq
Debbie Ashford

Firm Administrator

Will edit sq
Will Harris

Professional Staff

Sydney Thane, CPA

Professional Staff

Luke edit sq
Luke Calhoon

Professional Staff

Erica sq
Erica Williams

Administrative Assistant

Want to help us make things better?

Want to help us make things better?

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